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You're better than a selfie.

Go ahead. Say it to yourself. Let it sink in, permeate, inspire you. Simply put, you're at a point in your life and career when cellphone selfies just aren't going to cut it, and it's time to make that profile portrait on your social media platforms or your About Me page to say "This is me!" with pride and personality.

Everyone today needs a headshot. Applying to college? Applying for a job? Own a business? Everyone today is looking online and at social media for the people they want to know, so make your profile portrait the introduction to your personal brand. Your headshot portrait should say: "I'm someone worth getting to know. I'm someone worth taking a chance on."

You've seen a lot of people with these incredible profile pics -- amazing lighting, dramatic, fun. If you're not sure where to go to get yourself one, then you've found the right place.

I've designed headshot portrait sessions with Dave Pidgeon Photography to maximize the fun quotient while coming away with crisp, professional images to match your personality or business. 

A session costs $99.99 plus tax and includes one outfit change and your choice of two backgrounds (white, gray or black). You get to see the images as we make them and choose the three you want to keep. 

Contact me at 717-669-2026 or dave@davepidgeonphotography.com to schedule your studio headshot session today. 

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