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Every bride and groom has a story. Every day has glamorous light. The key for any Central Pennsylvania wedding photographer is having a combination of experience and craftsmanship to expertly bring the story of your wedding day to life with breathtaking light.

I'm Dave, a professional story teller from Central Pennsylvania and the owner of North Arch Photography.

North Arch is a couple-focused, high-performing wedding photography boutique. I'm known for a wedding photography style that stays true to the experience. My style creatively uses light and composition to create glamorous, dramatic, and enduring images.

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Creatively Genuine Wedding Photography

The creatively genuine experience of North Arch Wedding Photography begins with you. Brides and grooms are to me people first; people with amazing stories about how they met, how they got engaged, and what their wedding day means to their hearts and souls. I take great care in learning about my couples and incorporating their experience into the photography.

If you're romantic, playful, love cities, love the country, whatever it may be, let's include those important elements which make you unique as a couple.

I'm a photographer who brings an expert understanding of light, an attention to detail, and a high-performing skill level to every moment of your wedding day. Whether it's the planned or spontaneous, the approach remains the same.

At all times , you'll hear me softly repeat one of my guiding principles, a mantra to help every couple be comfortable in front of the camera -- "Just be yourselves. I'll take care of the rest."

Light, color, backgrounds, texture, position, expressions, heart, soul - these are the elements of creatively genuine wedding photography. But none of it is as important as treating you at all times as a person first.

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If this sounds like the kind of photographer you'd like to have for your wedding day, then let's get together and talk. Send me a message, tell me about yourself and the wedding you're planning.

Let's talk about dates. A few 2018 dates remain open, and the discussion about 2019 has already begun. I cannot wait to start this journey with you.

Contact me at 717-669-2026 or

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